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2/7/2022 - City Of Waterbury Paving Program

For Immediate Release

City of Waterbury Paving Program


The City of Waterbury, Public Works Department is seeking your input for the 2022 - 2023 paving program.  Public Works maintains a multi-year list of potential roads to be considered for work and evaluates the conditions of roads in order to establish a paving list. If you have roads you would like to be considered please send an email to or call the Citizens Service Center at (203) 597-3444. The City spends approximately 2 to 4 million dollars annually on milling and paving approximately 8 of the 300 miles of road in the City so not every road can be paved in a single year, but all requested roads will be inspected and considered for future paving or other appropriate maintenance.                                                               


The Department of Public Works may be contacted at 203-574-6851 if anyone has questions regarding this notice.