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Fire Department

Established in 1854, the Waterbury Fire Department is an ISO Class II career department organized to provide life safety and property preservation to the citizens and visitors of the City of Waterbury. 

Comprised of nine engine companies, three ladder companies, one heavy rescue company and five bureaus; the 235 member department responds to approximately twenty-two thousand calls for assistance per year.  Across a broad spectrum of demands for service, the department provides the following capabilities:  fire suppression, accident extrication, emergency medical response, hazardous materials mitigation, technical rescue operations (trench rescue, collapse rescue, cold water rescue, high angle rescue), fire scene investigation, fire safety code enforcement, public safety education, and general assistance to all public and private enterprise in a city with an estimated population in excess of 110,000 citizens. 

Strategically located across this diverse city, the fire stations and apparatus maintained and operated by our members proudly display distinct company patches which reflect the unique neighborhoods which they are sworn to protect.  The Waterbury Fire Department provides critical services to the entire community seven days a week, twenty-four hours per day.  Our dedicated team remains committed to deliver these services with the highest levels of integrity, professionalism, and courage that our citizens have come to expect and deserve.