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4/20/2006 - Street Sweeping Schedule for week of April 24th

Date: 4/20/06

Subject: Sweeping /Paving schedules

The City of Waterbury, Department of Public Works Annual Paving Program is

underway for 2006. Crews continue to mill and pave throughout the city.. Paving will

continue on April 24, 2006,(weather permitting) on the following streets: : New

Haven Ave., Ellen St., Delaware Ave., Lower Bunker Hill Ave., Whitewood Rd. and

Rosette St.

Milling operations will continue on April 26,2006, in advance of the Paving

crews on the following streets: Arline Dr., McWeeney Dr., Mapleridge Dr., and Ave.

of Industry. Updates will be published weekly in this paper, along with the City’s

Website. All effected streets will be posted with No Parking signs in advance.

Any question regarding the paving program can be addressed to the Dept. of Public

Works, Bureau of Engineering 574-6851 or the Bureau of Streets 5748260/8261

The City’s annual Street sweeping program continues for 2006. Postings will be

posted in appropriate neighborhoods, prior to the arrival of sweeping crews. Residents are

reminded to please remove their vehicles from posted areas, and sweep any sidewalk

sand into the gutter. Do not leave large or small piles of sand, or any leaves, as the

sweeper cannot pick these up. Trash and litter should be separated and disposed of

properly with your weekly trash. Failure to comply with the posted signs will result in the

Police Department being notified.

Sweeping schedules for the week of April 17, 2005 are as follows:

District-2-1-Lakeside Blvd. West and supporting Sts. Lakeside Blvd East, Park Rd.,

Parkland Ave. and supporting Sts. Wooster St.

District 2-3 from Oakville Ave., south to Bunker Hill Ave. Heritage DR., Ridgeland

Dr. Area, Whitewood rd., Martone St. area Carrington School area

District 2-2- Gaylord Dr, Mt. Vernon Ave, Bunker Hill Firehouse Area, Aurora St.,

Bunker Hill School area , Howland Ave., Westmont Drive Area

District 2-4- Clemaitis Ave. area, Easton Ave. area, Municipal stadium area, Kaynor

Tech area, Hills above Watertown Ave. to Aurora St. Brookside nrd., Colonial ave.


Residents are asked for their compliance in keeping cars off of effected streets for both

the paving and sweeping programs. In addition, if residents and business owners can

sweep sand off of their sidewalks, this will insure a better result in your neighborhoods.

Any questions regarding the sweeping program can be addressed to the Bureau of Streets

Telephone 574-8260/8261

Robert J. Roland

Supervisor of Streets