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7/20/2015 - Launch date for City-wide recycling set for July 25 in WOW

 The City of Waterbury will use magic to boost its recycling rate. The magic of environmental magician Cyril the Sorcerer, along with music, food and community involvement, will create a day of enchantment as well as education for residents of Waterbury’s WOW Neighborhood. The Outreach Event will take place 9:30 am – 1:30 pm on Saturday July 25 at State Street School, 58 Griggs Street, Waterbury, CT. Volunteers will enjoy music, magic and special edition recycled t-shirts before heading out to doorknock. They will return at 12:30 for lunch and more entertainment.

“As perhaps the world’s first ‘municipal magician’ I use my magic to show residents their magic: the magic they can do to transform their old paper, boxes, cans and bottles whenever they use their recycling bin” says Cyril the Sorcerer. When not in wizard robes Cyril serves in the more traditional role of Waterbury’s recycling coordinator. CJ May, as he is known in the muggle world, uses his years of experience as storyteller, magician and recycling professional as an official component to Waterbury’s recycling outreach efforts, for young and old alike.

Waterbury’s own Miranda Briggs created a magical video invitation to the event, showcasing the power in every person as well as every can, bottle and cardboard box:

To pre-register as a volunteer, or for more information:

CJ May
203-737-0475 cell
203-574-6851 x 7637