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12/6/2013 - Blight Task Force 2013 Highlights


2013 has been an incredibly busy year for Waterbury Blight Enforcement & Control. With a straightforward and aggressive implementation plan in place, the Blight Task Force demolished 27 buildings, 54 buildings were boarded and secured, and 615,569 lbs. of junk was removed from residential lots. Large-scale demolition projects were launched, helping stabilize neighborhoods that have been struggling for years.

By focusing efforts on cleaning up abandoned and neglected properties and tracking down absentee landlords, we are not only revitalizing our community, but also creating economic opportunities for the city and its people; we are restoring property values for the city’s homeowners, reducing crime, and improving the safety of residents, as well as first responders.

Please visit
 to view the Blight Task Force’s 2013 accomplishments. These efforts have generated community pride and are deserving of praise.