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11/8/2004 - Water Main Break Information

Main Break on 36” low Service Transmission Main

November 5, 2004




            The Waterbury Water Department has a water main break on its 36” low service transmission main in Watertown just south of Echo Lake Road.  This cast iron water transmission main was installed in 1895.


            We will be shutting down the water main very early Saturday morning (November 6, 2004) and beginning the repairs.  We will be shutting down the low service main and transferring the water temporarily through a high service main.  The shift in mains may stir up sediment in the pipes causing discolored water. 


            Repairs to the broken water main may discolor tap water in some areas of the city especially the low service area (low elevation areas of the City of Waterbury around the Naugatuck River).


            Repairs to the water main are expected to take about a day but, but because the water flows will be shifted then shifted back, the discoloration could last for a few days possibly up to a week in some areas.  The water is safe to drink.


            For information, call the Water Department at 203-574-8251.