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3/12/2013 - Main Street Waterbury Recognizes Cleanliness Efforts For Downtown Businesses and Organizations

Golden Broom Awards

Main Street Waterbury recognizes “cleanliness efforts” for downtown businesses and organizations

March 2013- Waterbury, CT - As part of their efforts to keep a clean, safe, and friendly downtown, several months ago, Main Street Waterbury’s Design Committee announced a new program that would recognize the outstanding efforts of Downtown merchants, businesses and organizations who consistently keep their properties clean with the GOLDEN BROOM AWARD.

This recognition is awarded throughout the year to deserving merchants, businesses and organizations. In addition to hand-delivering a Certificate, Main Street Waterbury will also list all awardees on their website and Facebook page. It is a great way to reward the people for the hard work they put in to keep Waterbury as clean and inviting as possible. The Golden Broom is Main Street Waterbury’s way of highlighting these outstanding efforts and letting them know their hard work isn’t unnoticed.

Main Street Waterbury CEO, Carl Rosa states, “Based on the reaction from the first round of the awards, a competitive spirit is evident and is encouraging other businesses to step-up their efforts for a clean, safe, and friendly Downtown Waterbury.”

The GOLDEN BROOM awardees for the Fall of 2012 are as follows:

  • Beacon Communities – 60 Center Street
  • YMCA – 136 West Main Street
  • Mar-Vic – 186 Grand Street
  • Rendevouz – 58 South Main Street
  • WellMore – 141 East Main Street
Main Street Waterbury congratulates all those for their outstanding efforts to keep their property clean as a sparkling example for Downtown Waterbury.

Main Street Waterbury is a grassroots, downtown management and revitalization program in the context of historic preservation. Through improving the physical appearance of downtown Waterbury, promoting its architectural and cultural assets, organizing volunteer initiatives, sponsoring events, and fostering public/private partnerships, Main Street Waterbury hopes to economically rejuvenate Waterbury’s downtown district without sacrificing its character or heritage.