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2/28/2013 - Cameras to be Installed Downtown


Mayor O’Leary's campaign to improve downtown Waterbury continues in earnest, with the Board of Aldermen approving a $189,468 contract on Monday, Feb. 25 with Tyco Integrated Security to install 11 cameras throughout downtown.  Money will come from grants and the seizure of criminal assets.

“It has been a major priority of my administration to transform downtown Waterbury into a safer, modern and vibrant part of our city”, Mayor O’Leary said. "This is a major step forward for downtown Waterbury, its residents, visitors, businesses, patrons, and everyone in Waterbury who wants to be part of the safest big city in the state."

The cameras will be monitored by the Waterbury Police Department, and will have the ability to keep the recordings for a period of time for post-incident review.  The Mayor was quick to point out that this initiative should greatly enhance the department’s ability to monitor what occurs in downtown Waterbury on a minute-to-minute basis, and go back to review countless hours of recording any time it is warranted.

For more information, call the Waterbury Police Dept. Chief's Office at 203-574-6906.