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9/14/2012 - City of Waterbury Joins the Ranks of Hundreds of Other Cities across the U.S. Employing Solar-Powered Kiosks

City of Waterbury Joins the Ranks of Hundreds of Other Cities across the U.S. Employing Solar-Powered Kiosks

WATERBURY, CT – The Parking Division of the Waterbury Police Department has announced the introduction of a new pay station parking system for Downtown Waterbury called Kiosk.  The Kiosk is a new way to pay for parking spaces and is designed to replace the older parking meter system currently situated throughout the central business district.

“The antiquated system of manual meters has outlived its life,” Mayor Neil M. O’Leary said.  “I’m proud to say that the city of Waterbury is embracing new technology.  This particular system has been tried and proven successful in other cities.  It will not only save the City money in the long run, it could represent an increase in parking revenues, as well as prove an easier and more efficient operational system.”

Seventy traditional parking meters will physically be removed from the Library Park lot adjacent to the Silas Bronson Library to make room for a total of four Kiosks, which will be ready for usage September 24, 2012.

Carl Rosa, CEO of Main Street Waterbury states, “These Kiosks are certainly a welcome addition to our central business district as we strive to make parking more user friendly for Downtown Waterbury visitors.”

The parking Kiosks are extremely easy to use.  Parking patrons can purchase their parking time directly at the Kiosk by depositing either coinage or a credit card.  A receipt is delivered from the Kiosk which must then be displayed face up on the driver’s side dashboard.  Enforcement will remain the same as Meter Aides will monitor the displayed receipts and check for any elapsed times.  The units are solar-powered and automatically send a signal to the Parking Division if they require servicing.

Captain Edward Daponte of the Waterbury Police Department has been supervising the introduction and installation of the Kiosks.  “This represents a more ‘customer service’ type system of parking by allowing the parking patron several options for payment while at the same time greatly minimizing the service time that was required for the older meters,” Captain Daponte said.

A Kiosk demo unit is currently on display at City Hall, 1st floor, 235 Grand Street.  The Parking Division is inviting the public to learn more about their operation.

For more information contact the Waterbury Parking Division at 203-574-6721, or visit:

About the Waterbury Parking Division
The Waterbury Parking Division of the Waterbury Police Department oversees the city parking garages and all aspects of municipal parking in the downtown area.   It is responsible for revenue control, maintenance and security of all municipal parking garages, collection of monies from parking meters, and issuance of parking tickets.