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4/17/2012 - Waterbury Blight Enforcement & Control Task Force Set To Unveil Logo and Slogan


April 17, 2012

Contact: Lt. Dan Lauer
Phone: 203-346-3970

The Waterbury Blight Enforcement & Control Task Force Set To Unveil Logo And Slogan

Winner To Be Announced At Mayor O’Leary’s Monthly Blight Meeting On April 20th

WATERBURY, CT - Mayor Neil M. O’Leary’s newly formed Blight Task Force is set to launch a new anti-litter and anti-blight campaign on Friday April 20th.  The new slogan will be implemented immediately, when it will be applied to school literature, on posters and t-shirts.  As of May 1st, the slogan will appear on bumper stickers, two city billboards and three city buses.  The slogan summarizes the Mayor’s aggressive anti-blight agenda.

City school students were invited to enter a contest to create a 10-word-or-less catchphrase sponsored by the Blight Task Force and Board of Education.  The winners will be announced Friday, April 20th at 10:00 a.m., Veteran’s Memorial Hall, City Hall, 235 Grand St.  The winner will be offered a $100 gift card to the Brass Mill Center.  Semifinalists chosen from the elementary, middle school and high school levels will receive a free one-year membership to the Greater Waterbury YMCA and to Waterbury PAL.  Nearly 1,000 entries were received.

Lt. Dan Lauer spearheading the Blight Task Force said, “It is important to get the youth of Waterbury involved as stakeholders in clean up efforts as they are the ones that will be shaping our future.”
The mission of the Waterbury Blight Enforcement & Control Task Force is to improve the quality of life for all that live, work and visit the great city of Waterbury.