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4/24/2011 - Silas Bronson Library Announces upcoming "Overdrive" service [ downloadable Audio-books and E-books ]



What is Overdrive ?



Overdrive is new program / service being offered by many libraries in the Bibliomation Consortium ( including the Silas Bronson Library ).  This service allows patrons to download selected Audio-books and E-books to a variety of mobile devices ( i-pods, certain cell phones ( Android, i-phone, windows mobile, etc… ) and home / laptop computers.  Patrons can perform the downloads from home computers, but CAN NOT perform the downloads at the library.  There are restrictions on lending periods and whether a given title can be copied and / or burned to a CD ( in whole or in part ).  These restrictions are set by the title’s publisher and can not be changed by the library, Bibliomation, or Overdrive.


Please view the information below for initial information on the Overdrive service. Additional information will be made available in early March and the Patrons may start using the service on March 4, 2011 via an icon / link on the Silas Bronson Library website [ ].






Who Can Check out Books from Overdrive:


The Bibliomation Consortium selects all available audio/e-book titles for the Overdrive catalog. Any patron who belongs to the Bibliomation consortium will be able to download audio/e-books from the Overdrive catalog (from home). The consortium will only be offering Audio-books and E-books. Patrons will need a valid library card to proceed with checking out titles. If patrons do not have access to the Internet at home they will not be able to take advantage of Overdrive and they cannot download titles from the Library. This service is only available to patrons who have a home computer with Internet access.


Due to licensing costs the Bronson Library has opted not to offer a download station in the library, so patrons can only download materials from on home computers.





Access via on the Bronson Website:


By March 4th an Overdrive icon will be placed on the Bronson website where patrons can access the Bibliomation/Overdrive website to begin downloading titles (from home). Also, on the left navigation panel a bullet will be inserted under “Books and Borrowing” where patron’s can read an abbreviated document on how to use Overdrive.





Length of time for checkout:


Audiobook: 7 or 14 days

Ebooks: 14 or 21 days


The patron will select length of checkout desired, by clicking a checkbox.





Expired Lending Period:


Once the lending period expires the audio/ebook item will automatically be deleted from the patron’s computer or device; however, there will be instances when the item from will disappear on some devices, particularly ipods. In these instances, the publisher will rely on good faith that the patron will go ahead and physically destroy the title by deleting it.





Burning Titles to CD:


Some publishers will allow patrons to burn titles to a CD or print selected pages or chapters, in cases where publishers don’t allow such features said icons will be “grayed out”. Again, once the lending period expires the publisher will rely on good faith that the patron will physically destroy or delete the data from the burned cd.





Software Needed:


Audiobooks: patrons will need to download the Overdrive Media Console software app to their (home) computer, and then proceed to follow directions if they wish to transfer the title to a mobile device.


Ebooks: patrons will need to download the Adobe Digital editions application to (home) computer, and then proceed by following directions if they wish to transfer a title to a mobile device.



All software can be found on the Overdrive website.




Since downloads can not be performed at the library, librarians can answer general questions ( such as what software to download or whether their  mobile device is compatible ); however, they can not actually assist patrons with ( or perform downloads for ) patrons.