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An Urgent Message from Joseph D. DeMayo, MD. MPH

Acting Director of Public Health


The role of the Department of Public Health in this current situation has been to coordinate delivery of vaccine into the City of Waterbury and to assess community wide need.  This has included identification of best route to distribute limited and inadequate supplies of vaccine.


Our interaction with the general community and media has been to provide reassurance and education.  This was to eliminate unnecessary speculation and angst in the most at risk individuals.


Given the supply of vaccine provided to this community from the State Department of Public Health has been inadequate, I have coordinated with our VNA Health Care partner introduction of over 1500 doses into the community through individual appointments of screened, high risk members of the community.  The Department of Public Health has been organizing two (2) clinics on the basis of appointment only to assist local physicians, community health centers and individuals who have previously contacted various referral services.


In addition, I will be contacting some physicians offices this date to begin to distribute over 500 doses directly to their practices.  It is my anticipation that an additional

1000 doses will be redirected to Waterbury in the next 10-14 working days, hopefully sooner.  The majority of this anticipated supply will be directed to the community health providers. 


Long-term health care facilities in the area should be receiving vaccine directly from the CDC/State DPH in sufficient supply to vaccinate clients and staff.  I anticipate this supply to be greater than 900 doses.  This will need to be confirmed.


Again, this date I have meet with many stakeholders within this community in regards to the supply dilemma.  Our surveillance of the community as to price gouging and incidence of flu cases has been negative.  There has been no reported activity.  We continue our surveillance of pharmacies and local care providers. 


The Department of Public Health is fine tuning procedures for following absentee rates of schools since this is a likely source of first influenza appearance.


Your Department of Public employees have worked untiringly over the past weeks to reproduce a safe outcome for this community.