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1/3/2004 - 2008 Street Sweeping Schedule


2008 City Street Sweeping Program

The 2008 City of Waterbury Street sweeping program will begin on April 7, 2008 (weather permitting)except for the downtown area which will be started on Mar 31, 2008 (weather permitting).

All residents and business owners are encouraged to sweep and clean their appropriate sidewalks prior to the arrival of sweeping crews. Sidewalks should be swept to the gutter, removing debris and/or litter. Debris and/or litter should be bagged and placed out with the regular solid waste (trash) for collection.

Sand should not be swept into small or large piles, as the sweepers cannot pick these piles up.

The Department of Public Works will post signs in the appropriate sub districts and streets scheduled for sweeping, prior to the activity occurring. Every effort should be made to remove parked vehicles from scheduled sweeping routes prior to arrival of sweeping crews.

The Schedule of Routes to be cleaned the following week will be in the Friday or Sunday newspaper and will also be posted on the City of Waterbury Website. The online Sweeping Schedule will be accessible from the link at the bottom of the "Public Works / Streets Department" page at