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1/15/2008 - PCCP Project: Water Main Transmission Rehabilitation Project

Pre-stressed Concrete Cylinder Pipe (PCCP) Water Transmission Main Rehabilitation Project

A vital water transmission main that connects the east and west sides of the City’s High Pressure Water Service areas will be rehabilitated this winter. The transmission main has experienced three major failures over the past few years and its rehabilitation is crucial to improve system reliability and service. The 12,800 linear feet of 24-inch water transmission main is located between Waterville Street and the Benefit Street Water Tank and runs along Faber Avenue, Cooke Street, Nottingham Terrace, Chase Avenue, North Main Street and Lakewood Road.

The transmission main will be rehabilitated using a trenchless technology known as slip lining. The slip lining of the main will require the excavation of access pits approximately every 1,000 feet along the pipe route. At these access pits a new pipeline will be inserted into the existing pipeline, resulting in a new structurally sound transmission main. When compared to complete pipeline replacement, the use of slip lining will significantly reduce the overall construction cost and the amount of traffic disruption for the project. However, excavation of access pits in the paved roadways and staging of the new pipeline material will result in temporary lane closures and minor detours throughout the duration of the project.

The purpose of performing the project in the winter is to take advantage of reduced water demands. Sections of the transmission main will be shut down starting January 15, 2008. Since there are no service connections on the transmission main, water service to local residences and businesses will not be shut down at any time. Some customers may experience a minor loss is water pressure when the main is shut down, however, no customer will be without water during the construction period.

The work is anticipated to span from January 15, 2008 to May 1, 2008.

Initial detours will begin in the area of Faber Avenue and Cooke Street starting January 15, 2008.

Notification of future lane closures and detours will be printed in the Republican prior to such work being initiated.