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3/9/2023 - City of Waterbury Preliminary 2023 Paving Program

City of Waterbury Department of Engineering


2023 Waterbury Pavement Rehabilitation Program Schedule

Press Release


For Immediate Release


The City of Waterbury Engineering Department is pleased to announce the preliminary street paving list for the 2023 construction season.  Residents are advised that once the roads are repaved, there is a 5-year moratorium on performing any excavations within the newly repaved road, except for legitimate emergencies.  Any work that will require excavations in these roads should be scheduled before paving starts.  Factors considered in selecting the streets include age, condition, traffic volume, proximity to other work and underground sewer, water and gas repairs or replacements scheduled within the next 5 years.


Charles St.

Hewey St (from Bradley Ave to Ellen St.)

Hutchinson St. (Bradley St to dead-end)

Nichols Dr. (Highland Av to S Leonard St)

Green St.

Heritage Dr. (from Bunker Hill to Ridgefield Dr)

Martone St #2 (Bunker Hill to dead end)

Middlesex St. (Devonshire Ave to Huntingdon Ave)

Roma Ave (Martone St to dead end)

Sunset Ave (Clematis St to Town Line)

Venice Ave (Martone St to Genoa St)

Whitewood Rd (Bunker Hill Ave to Oakville Ave)

Wooster Ave

Harwood Rd

Holly St

Lowland Ave (from Edgewood Ave to dead-end)

Peach Orchard Rd ( Oakridge to Prospect Townline) collector

Spring Lake Rd

Decicco Rd

Hunthill Rd

Interstate Lane

Marley Pl (Wolcott St to dead end)

Orchard St (East Main to dead-end)

Wolcott St (E Main St to Manor Ave)

Adams St. + Adams St Ext

Grove St (Willow St to North Main)

Cooke (Grove St to North Main)

Prospect St (W Main to Grove)

Waverly St #2

Bellevue St

Court St

Ellsworth Ave (North Main to Maywood St)

Girard Ave (Ellsworth to Kimble Ave)

Goff St. (Girard Ave to Maywood St)

Grant St

Kimble Ave (N Main to Girard Ave)

Kodak St (Goff St to Ellsworth Ave)

Maywood St. (Ellsworth to Goff)

Nicola St (N. Walnut to dead end)

Olena Ave ( Ellsworth Ave to Kimble Ave)

Samuel St (Santoro St to dead end)

Santoro St (Nicola St to dead end)

Sherman Ave

Hamden Ave (Lakewood Rd to Winchester St)

Winchester St (North Main to dead-end)

Simsbury St (North Main to Hamden Ave)

Carmel St (Simsbury St to dead-end)

Lanzaeri St (Hamden Ave to dead-end)

Midfield Dr

Pierpont Rd (1) (Captain Neville to E Main St)

Pierpont Rd (2) (E Main St to Meriden Rd)

Taft Pointe

Oak Street (Wolcott St to curve)


The Engineering Department may be contacted at 203-574-6851 if anyone has questions regarding this program.  Additionally, the public may submit requests for roads to be evaluated and prioritized through the City service request system or by emailing or