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12/6/2022 - Waterbury Community Services Investment Program





The City of Waterbury has proposed the Waterbury Community Services Investment Program (WCSIP), which will provide American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) Local Relief Funds to nonprofit organizations in the City of Waterbury that were financially impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and are in need of “recovery.” The City has an opportunity to use these funds to make strategic investments by providing valuable resources to community nonprofits to help ensure a strong and equitable recovery from the pandemic. The City has proposed funding 37 activities totaling $1,960,442.26.


Notice is hereby given that the Citizen Advisory Committee (CAC) will hold a Public Hearing and public comment period on the City’s the proposed activities and funding allocations. The thirty (30) day public comment period will commence on December 7, 2022, and will end January 6, 2023. The proposed activities and funding allocations will be availble for public review at the Silas Bronson Library, 267 Grand Street, and the City Clerk’s Office, 235 Grand Street. The proposal is also available online at


Written comments regarding the draft plan may be submitted to the attention of The Citizens’ Advisory Committee, Office of Community Development, Waterbury City Hall, 235 Grand Street, Room C-29 Waterbury, CT. 06702. Comment may also be submitted via email to; or online at


The CAC will hold a Public Hearing on Thursday, January 5, 2023, at 5:30 p.m., in Veterans Memorial Hall, Waterbury City Hall, 235 Grand Street, Waterbury, CT, for the purpose of receiving public input on the proposed WCSIP activities and allocations.


The City will provide interpreters and assistance for non-English speaking, hearing-impaired or disabled residents upon receiving a request at least four (4) days prior to this hearing date. Contact Nancy Allen at 203-346-3810 ext. 7274 or at All interested person(s) are encouraged to participate.


All comments received will be considered by the CAC prior to referral to the Board of Aldermen.


Below is a summary of the proposed Waterbury Community Services Investment Program (WCSIP).


Proposed Total Allocations Approved by the Citizens' Advisory Committee: $1,960,442.26:


  • Boys & Girls Club of Greater Waterbury: $150,000 - Plans & Specs for Renovation of Pool Area
  • Rivera Memorial Foundation, Inc.: $150,000 - Capital Improvements
  • Waterbury YMCA: $150,000 - Design & Engineering Service to Support Rehab to provide infant/toddler care
  • Zion Baptist Church: $150,000 - Hopkins Street Center (The Q House) - Capital Improvements
  • Manufacturing Alliance Service Corp.: $115,900 - IT Renovation/Computer Lab Upgrade
  • Family & Childrens Aid: $100,000 - Project Joy Center at Therapeutic Center
  • Girls Inc. of Western CT: $100,000 - Recovery Program Growth & Expansion - Capital Improvements
  • Goodwill Lodge 1325: $100,000 - Roof and Flooring Project
  • Grace Congregate Housing Corporation: $100,000 - Grace House - Masonry Restoration Project
  • St. Vincent DePaul Mission of Greater Waterbury: $100,000 - Food Pantry & Soup Kitchen Operations
  • Walnut Orange Walsh NRZ: $100,000 - Capital Improvements
  • Grace Baptist Church: $60,000 - HVAC System Replacement
  • Albanian American Moslem Community: $48,400 - Community Hall Renovation
  • BAGS Foundation CT: $48,000 - Afterschool Program for Highschool Aged Youth
  • Porters House Inc.: $48,000 - Youth Behavioral Health Services - Operational Support
  • St. Margaret Willow Plaza NRZ: $48,000 - Capital Improvements
  • Connecticut Counseling Centers, Inc.: $32,122.26 - Brookside Road Clinic Capital Improvements
  • Children's Community School: $30,000 - Academic and Mental Health Programs
  • Community Partners in Action: $30,000 - Electrical Upgrades and Replacement of Fridge, Freezer, and Oven
  • Hispanic Coalition of Greater Waterbury Inc.: $30,000 - Emergency Financial Assistance Program - Rent and Utilities
  • Waterbury Opportunities Industrialization Center, Inc.: $30,000 - Computer Lab Upgrade
  • The UnGroup Society, Inc.: $30,000 - Youth Classes & Programs
  • Center for Human Development: $25,000 - Waterbury Hospitality Center - Operational Support
  • Community Mental Health Affiliates, Inc.: $25,000 - Wellness on Wheels (WOW)
  • Malta House of Care-Waterbury: $25,000 - Pandemic Recovery Program - Access to Healthcare for Uninsured
  • New Opportunities Inc.: $25,000 - Client Assistance Fund
  • United Way of Greater Waterbury: $25,000 - Basic Needs Assistance for Wtby Households
  • Mattatuck Historical Society: $15,872 - Stairwell Security at the Matt
  • Madre Latina Organization Inc.: $15,000 - Health on Wheels
  • Brass City Harvest: $10,000 - Brass Food Program - Healthy Cooking Classes for Seniors
  • Hoops4Life, Inc.: $10,000 - Youth Programs
  • Catholic Charities Inc.: $8,648 - Capital Improvements at Child Development Center
  • Mt. Olive Senior Citizens Center, Inc.: $7,500 - My Senior Center Management System
  • Children in Placement: $5,000 - Guardians ad Litem Support
  • City Youth Theater: $5,000 - Youth Theater Programs
  • Jack Paul Noujaim Community Foundation: $5,000 - Community Outreach
  • Urban Fresh Gardens Inc.: $3,000 - Learn to Earn Summer Work Project




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