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12/18/2019 - Traffic Changes Town Plot Area


City of Waterbury
Department of Public Works
In an effort to improve traffic flow and safety; School Bus operations; student drop-off and pick-up; and traffic circulation around Tinker and Mount Carmel Schools, the following traffic changes will go into effect on Monday, December 30, 2019:


• Avon Avenue will be made one-way, eastbound from Highland Avenue to Ross Street;


• America Street will be made one-way, eastbound from Highland Avenue to Francis Street;
• Congress Avenue will remain a two-way street;
• Traffic from Addison Street, southbound will only be permitted to turn left on to America Street;
• On Congress Avenue, south side, from Highland Avenue to the end of Mount Carmel School, signs will be installed to indicate “No Parking Except For School Buses, 7 am- 4 pm, School Days”;
• The “No Parking” signs on Avon Avenue and America Street will be removed and parking will now be allowed on both sides.
• Temporary advance warning signs indicating “New Traffic Pattern Ahead” will be installed to notify and warn drivers.