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4/10/2019 - Request for Proposals for Property Located at 36 North Main Street

A Request for Proposals has been issued by the City for the “Disposition and Redevelopment of the City Owned Building Located at 36 North Main Street”

Interested parties are asked to register on the City’s e-Bid website at to download the Request for Proposal. 


            This Request for Proposals (“RFP”) seeks proposals for the potential disposition by sale or use and occupancy, of this historic downtown building located at 36 North Main Street, Waterbury Connecticut. The property is located in the historic downtown that is the hub of the operations for City and Education government services; the locations of State Court facilities; hosts higher educational services, including the State of Connecticut University branch; offers state of the art medical centers of excellence and provides an abundance of cultural  and recreational points of interests.  The Property also known as “Old Fellows Hall”, is located directly across from the City’s newly renovated downtown green and was acquired by the City in 2013 for unpaid taxes.
            The primary objective is for the rehabilitation and re use of the Property that will further the City’s economic development strategy through public and private investment. It is intended that both investments provide continued growth to the City’s grand list, contribute to the reduction in the City’s unemployment rate and provide opportunities for new business openings and expansions including manufacturing, retail, restaurant and professional businesses.  The City’s economic growth strategy through this opportunity is to continue the expansion and diversification of the City’s employment base. 
            Mixed-use outcomes will be entertained as well. Job creation would provide a boost to the local economy as eateries and retailers would capture a significant share of the worker’s daily expenditures. Market rate housing would also infuse the downtown with additional ‘walking wallets’ that would support local establishments. The City of Waterbury (‘City’) acting through the Waterbury Development Corporation (‘WDC’) will utilize the responses to this RFP to establish a preferred development strategy for the Property.
            The State of Connecticut’s State Bond Commission has allocated a $10 million grant-in-aid contribution for the rehabilitation and redevelopment of this Property.  The Property is located within an Opportunity Zone and within the City’s Enterprise Zone. 


All questions and communications about this request for Proposal and submission requirements must be directed to the City of Waterbury eProcurement website ( and must be received by 2:00 PM on May 3, 2019.  Prospective proposers must limit their contact regarding this RFP to Mr. McCaffery or such other person otherwise designated by Mr. McCaffery. Responses to questions submitted by the above date and time, along with any changes or amendments to this RFP, will be available via the City of Waterbury eProcurement website by 2:00 PM on May 7, 2019. It shall be the responsibility of the proposer to download this information.  If you have any procedural questions in this regard, please call Mr. McCaffery at (203) 574-6747. Interested parties can request a site visit up through April 30th by contacting Kevin McCaffery in Purchasing.  Registered parties can submit questions through ebid now through  May 3rd at 2:00pm.  Response submissions for this RFP are due into Purchasing no later than May 15, 2019 at 11:30AM.