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11/5/2018 - Traffic Control Change 11/7/18, Cooke St at Pine St & Cooke St at Roseland Ave

Cooke Street at Pine Street;
Cooke Street at Roseland Avenue

In order to improve operational safety at these intersections, Stop Signs will be installed on (1) Cooke Street at Pine Street and (2) Cooke Street at Roseland on Wednesday, November 7, 2018 to effect ALL-WAY Stop control. The intersections currently operate with Stop signs on the side streets only.

This change will make both intersections ALL-WAY Stop control intersections to address inadequate sight distance conditions, improve pedestrian safety and provide more positive traffic control in the operation of the intersection.

In addition to the new Stop Signs, All-Way sub-plates and advance warning signs will be installed

Also, temporary advance warning signs will also be installed to notify drivers of a “New Traffic Pattern Ahead”.