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10/19/2018 - 2018 Milling & Paving Program

A PDF copy of this document is available here


City of Waterbury 2018 Milling & Paving Program
October 18, 2018

Milling and paving operations on various City streets will begin on Monday, October 22, 2018. Tilcon of CT has been awarded the contract for this project.

All streets to be milled and paved will have “No Parking” notices posted 24 hours prior to the start of work. Vehicles parked in the posted work zones will be towed at the owner’s expense.

The schedules shown below are tentative in nature, and do not represent an exact schedule. Road Work is weather dependent.
Questions should be directed to the Department of Public Works/Bureau of Engineering (203) 574-6851.
Streets in order of Milling /Paving for 2018
Milling to take place on the following roads beginning on Monday October 22nd with paving to follow beginning Monday October 28th.
Harland Ave (Alexander Ave to dead-end)
Budd St (Harland to Townsend Ave)
Townsend Ave (Alexander Ave to Bagley Terrace)
Munson Ave (Capital Ave to dead-end)

Milling to take place between October 23 rd and October 26th. Paving to start on October 31st
Radcliff Ave (Meriden Rd to Store Ave)
Academy Ave (Meriden Rd to Radcliff Ave)
Bronx Ave (Radcliff Ave to Groveland Ave)
Groveland Ave (Academy Ave to Mansfield Ave)
Gates Ave (Groveland Ave to Clearview St)
Clearview St (Gates Ave to Mansfield Ave)

Milling to take place beginning on or about October 31st with paving to start on or about November 5th
Long Hill Rd (Berkley Ave to Wolcott St) POSSIBLE NIGHT WORK
Hope Street (Warner St to North Walnut Street)
Laurel St (Wall St to Welton St)
Webb St (Walnut St to Young St)
Willard St (Putnam St to Dikeman St)
Dikeman St (Wood St to Walnut St)
Putnam St (Dikeman St to Wood St)

Milling to take place on or about November the 5th with paving to start on or about November 9th
Tudor Street (Hill St to Hillview)
Gem Drive (Cooke St to dead-end)
Cooke St (Moran St to Nottingham Terrace)
Catalina Drive (Holiday Hill to dead-end)
Blueberry Hill (Catalina Dr to Melody Lane)
Melody Lane (Blueberry Hill to Dan Parker)
North Main (from #2537 to Hill Street) NIGHT WORK
Lakewood Rd (from pole#25288 to pole# 1247 repair pavement) NIGHT WORK

Milling to take place on or about November 9th with paving to follow starting on or about November 13th
Huntingdon Ave (Aurora St to Colonial Ave) NIGHT WORK
Rosette Street (Clematis to Watertown Ave)
Ridgeland (Bunker Hill Ave to Crestview Lane)
Fricent St (from Whitewood Rd)
Kendell Circle (from Lincroft to Ardsley Rd)
Green Hills Circle
Watertown Ave (aka Henry St from Robbins Street to West Main St) NIGHT WORK

Milling to take place on or about November 15th with paving to begin on or about November19th
West Main St (from 1389 to intersection with Chase Parkway) NIGHT WORK
Park Rd (from Middlebury line)
Lakeside Blvd East (from Chase Parkway to Newfield Ave)
Newfield Ave (Thompson Ave to Park Rd)
Carriage Drive (Oronoke Rd to Old Colony)
Coach Drive (Carriage Drive to dead-end)
Partridge Drive (Carriage Drive to Old Colony)
Old Colony Drive
Fox Street (Highland Ave to Wilson St)
Addison Street (Seymour St to America St)

Milling to Start on or about November 23rd with paving to follow on or about November 27th
South Leonard St (from # 347 to Nichols Dr) NIGHT WORK
Springbrook Rd