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7/13/2018 - Waterbury kids pulling together to get trash out of Naugatuck River



WATERBURY, Conn. (WTNH)-- - Ask 17 year-old Zak Robushi what's so special about this summer and he'll tell you it's hanging out with a great group of friends by the water. Except -- this summer is no day at the beach. It's hard work cleaning up pipes, wires and other junk that has polluted the Naugatuck River. "We're all proud of ourselves," Zak said. "And I'm proud of the group I belong in." That group is called the Waterbury River Brigade. It was formed by Mayor Neil O'Leary as one of the ways the city promised to respond to the series of raw sewage spills last year from Waterbury's Waste Water Treatment plant. The raw sewage killed dozens of fish in the river -- pictures on social media caused concern about the water. So, for 6 weeks this summer, 13 high school and college kids are working 30 hours a week and getting paid $10.50 an hour by the city to put on waders and gloves and trek through the waters looking for trash, junk and debris and to haul it out of the river...... See Full Article here...