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4/27/2018 - Street Sweeping Update for Monday, April 30

The City’s residential street sweeping program continues for the next ten weeks.

Below is information regarding the next two weeks of the program. Detailed updates will be provided weekly through local media sources including the City of Waterbury website.

Property owners are asked to begin sweeping their sidewalks into the immediate gutter line, removing any debris, litter and leaves. Sand should not be swept into large piles.

Beginning Monday April 30th

Crew 1 will begin working in District 1-2. District 1-2 includes streets in the lower Highland Ave. area from Bradley Ave. south to the Naugatuck town line and Highland Ave. east to Charles St.

After completing the lower Highland Ave area, this crew will proceed north into the Brooklyn neighborhood and streets intersecting with Sunnyside Ave


Crew 2 will begin sweeping in District 6-2 which is in the north side of town and includes the Farmwood Rd. area west to Chase River Rd and Chase Ave. north to Bucks Hill Rd.

After completing the District 6-2 this crew will begin working in District 6-1. District 6-1 included the Montoe/Bucks Hill area.


The Public Works Department will post signs in the districts prior to scheduled sweeping. Every effort should be made to remove parked vehicles from the scheduled routes prior to the arrival of the sweepers. Vehicles not removed during the sweeping operation may be towed at the owner’s expense.


Weekly updates will be posted in the newspaper and on the City website (