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4/6/2018 - Donate to the Summer Youth River Brigade

River Cleanup Brigade

Mayor Neil M. O’Leary has declared 2018 as “The Year of the Naugatuck River”. Recent sewage spills have put a strain on the Naugatuck River ecosystem as it continues to heal from years of industrial pollution. In order to draw attention to the Naugatuck River and its vital importance to the Greater Waterbury Community, Mayor O’Leary has initiated a campaign to have local youth learn about this important environmental asset while also aiding in its rejuvenation. 

Ten local high school students will work this summer removing litter and debris from the Naugatuck River. They will also learn about the vital ecosystem that the river supports and how simple things like litter and careless fishing have such a hugely negative impact on the river.

Please consider helping this initiative by making a charitable contribution to this noble cause. Our goal is to raise $50,000.00. The Police Activity League of Waterbury will be overseeing this initiative in partnership with the City of Waterbury. PAL is a registered 501c3 Not For Profit Organization.


Click here to donate to the River Brigade Program