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3/27/2017 - Proposed 2017-2018 CD YEAR 43 Annual Action Plan Notice of Public Hearing




The Waterbury Development Corporation (WDC) on behalf of the City of Waterbury has prepared the City's proposed 2017-2018 Annual Action Plan.  Notice is hereby given that the Citizen Advisory Committee (CAC) will hold a Public Hearing and public comment period for the proposed plan. This action is undertaken in compliance with federal regulations 24 CFR 91. The Action Plan delineates proposed activities to be funded under the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development's (HUD) Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program.

The 2017-2018 Annual Action Plan identifies how this year’s funds will be used. For planning purposes, the CAC used the current funding levels to develop the draft plan because there is not yet a final federal budget. The current levels are:  $1,917,162 (CDBG), $170,015 Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG) and $637,414 HOME Investment Partnerships Program (HOME).  Program income for 2017-2018 is anticipated to be $14,000 (CDBG) and $16,300 (HOME).  In addition, reprogrammed funds in the amount of $9,101 from previous years due to the cancellation of projects/activities or the completion of them under budget has been allocated to the Huntingdon Park Bathrooms Project.  The proposed 2017-2018 Annual Plan is listed below.  In the event of an increase or decrease in the final allocations, the Committee decided to apply the increase/decrease equally to the social service agencies, except in the event of a 50% decrease funds would go to the agencies meeting the Consolidated Plan priorities in the amounts noted. For the projects, the Committee chose specified projects and funding at different levels in order to ensure that the projects could be completed. For the HOME and ESG allocations the increase or decrease would be applied equally.

A thirty (30) day public comment period will commence on March 27, 2017, and will end April 26, 2017. Drafts of the proposed plan will be available for public review at the Silas Bronson Library, 267 Grand Street, the Waterbury Development Corporation and the City Clerk’s Office, 235 Grand Street.  The Plan is also available on the WDC website: A direct link to the document is available here.

Written comments regarding the draft plan may be submitted to the attention of Diane C. Toolan, Waterbury Development Corporation, 83 Bank Street, 3rd Floor, Waterbury, CT. 06702

Second Public Hearing: Notice is hereby given that the CAC will hold a Public Hearing on Tuesday April 11, 2017 at 5:30 PM for the purpose of receiving public input on the proposed plan. The hearing will be located in the Veteran’s Memorial Hall, 2nd floor, City Hall, 235 Grand Street, Waterbury, CT. The facility is handicapped accessible.  The City will provide interpreters and assistance for non-English speaking, hearing-impaired or disabled residents upon receiving a request at least four (4) days prior to this hearing date. Contact Nancy Allen at 203-346-2607 ext. 7274 or at All interested person(s) are encouraged to attend.

Proposed 2017-2018 Annual Action Plan:

Administration: $383,432 - Allocation of 20% CDBG funds to provide for program administration.

1. Social Service Programs

Brass City Harvest (324 Mill St.): $16,100 - Funds utilities, insurance, and purchase of fresh food.**$16,100

Catholic Charities (13 Wolcott St.): $5,000- Funds salaries, building facility, and case management.

Center for Human Development (693 East Main St.): $28,000Funds coordinator salary.**$28,000

Connecticut Legal Services (85 Central Ave.): $9,700 - Funds salaries for housing related legal services.

Greater Waterbury Interfaith Ministries (770 East Main St.): $50,674 - Funds food, supplies, utilities and salaries at soup kitchen and food pantry.**$50,674

Hispanic Coalition (135 East Liberty St.): $11,000 - Funds salaries for Hispanic community case managers.

Literacy Volunteers of America, Inc. (267 Grand St.): $5,500 - Funds salaries and expenses of the literacy program.

Manufacturing Alliance Service Corp.(173 Interstate Lane): $51,350 – Funds teachers salaries and expenses for CNC entry level manufacturing program.

Safe Haven (29 Central Ave.): $9,500 - Funds utilities and insurance to support services for abused women/children.

Salvation Army (74 Central Ave.): $9,100 - Funds for emergency food pantry salaries and food.**9,100

Shakesperience Productions, Inc. (117 Bank St.): $5,000 - Funds acting intensive scholarship program

Waterbury Senior Shuttle (83 Bank St.): $67,650 - Funds transportation costs for seniors.**39,913

Waterbury Youth Service Systems (83 Prospect St.): $9,500 - Funds truancy program salaries.

WOW-NRZ Association, Inc.  (308 Walnut St.): $9,500 - Funds operating expenses of community center.

**Funding at 50% reduction.

2. Improvement Projects:

The following projects will be funded at level funding.

Emergency Relocation (Citywide): $125,000* - Funds relocation of low-moderate income individuals due to unsafe housing conditions, code violations. *Anticipated program income of up to $14,000 if realized will be allocated to this program

Park Improvements – North End Recreation Center (262 North Main St.): $225,181 – Funds will be used to design and install air conditioning for the gymnasium.

Park Improvements – River Baldwin Recreation Center (135 East Liberty St.): $159,720 – Funds will be used to design and install air conditioning for the gymnasium.

Park Improvements – Huntingdon Park (99 Jarrett Ave.): $281,254* – Funds will be used to demolish the blighted bathroom and storage room and replace them with a new public bathroom and storage room.*Prior year funds of $9,101will also be allocated to this project.

Park Improvements – Curtin Park (85 Springbrook Rd): $100,000 – Funds will be used to install a new splash pad.

Park Improvements – Martin Luther King Park (467 North Main St.): $100,000 – Funds will be used to install a new splash pad.

Park Improvements – Hamilton Park (110 Hamilton Park Rd.): $100,000 – Funds will be used to install a new splash pad.

Police Activity League of Waterbury (64 Division St.): $135,000 - Funds will be used for the design and installation of a generator and updated electrical system at the PAL Recreation Center .

Neighborhood Facilities – Waterbury Opportunities Industrialization Center (77-79 Bishop St.): $20,000 - Funds will be used to finsh two lower level rooms for call center training.

The following details proposed changes if the funding is decreased:

Emergency Solutions Grants (ESG):

Administration: $12,751 - Allocation of 7.5% of ESG funds for program administration.

Safe Haven (29 Central Ave.): $18,337 – Funds shelter operations for victims of domestic violence.

Salvation Army (74 Central Ave.): $47,129 - $10,337 to fund shelter operations; $27,628 to fund salaries and direct financial assistance related to homelessness prevention services; $9,164 to fund salaries and direct financial assistance related to rapid re-housing services

St. Vincent DePaul (114 Benedict St.): $91,798 - $73,335 to fund shelter operations; $18,463 for direct financial assistance related to rapid re-housing services.

HOME Program: $637,414 - Funds will benefit low and moderate households, targeted as determined by the WDC. 10% ($63,741) will be used for administration and 15% ($95,612) will be used for CHDO housing development. $478,061 will be used for housing activities. An estimated $16,300 in program income will be put back into the program.