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7/21/2016 - Pokemon Go meet up at Silas Bronson Library today from noon to 4

 Perhaps you’ve noticed the legion of young and not-so-young kids ambling around Library Park and Downtown Waterbury while staring at their cellphones. They’re playing Pokemon Go, the latest smart phone craze that has many people, out and about, walking around.

What is Pokémon Go? CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT

Did you know there are 22 PokéStops within a short walking distance of the Silas Bronson Library at 267 Grand St., with nine PokéStops in or next to Library Park? A Pokémon Gym is located just down the street at St. John’s Church on the Green, and another one is at the Cool Waters mosaic behind Webster Bank on South Main Street.

The Silas Bronson Library – well aware of this new fad – will be hosting a Pokémon Go meetup at the library today, Friday, July 22, from noon to 4 pm. Find out what all the buzz is about, share tips, and have fun!

Bring your phone charger to plug in at the library while you cool off in air conditioning. They also have free Wi-Fi in parts of the building, and public restrooms.

This is a casual meetup, so you can arrive or leave at any time. All ages are welcome. Children must be accompanied by an adult.