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7/6/2016 - 'Greetings from Waterbury' mural to welcome visitors to the Brass City; Community Block Party this evening

Greetings from Waterbury. It’s more than just a salutation. Soon it will be a billboard-sized postcard painted on the side of a Waterbury building, a bright and inviting welcome to visitors to the Brass City and our historic Downtown.

The “Greetings from Waterbury” mural is not only the brainchild of the Waterbury Public Arts Committee (WPAC), it’s a labor of love for artist Victor Ving and his partner, photographer Lisa Beggs.

Beginning July 1, the two will spend about a week in Waterbury as they create the massive mural that will become an instant landmark. Fashioned after vintage large-letter postcards – think Bruce Springsteen’s “Greetings from Asbury Park, N.J.” album –  the mural will feature the city’s name in large block letters with images of various city landmarks and local culture captured inside each letter. In other words, this new landmark will celebrate our existing ones.

The 800-square-foot creation will be painted on the side of the former Blakeslee’s Furs building on Field Street, across the street from the Shamrock Pub and Grill. It will be visible to passing motorists on Interstate 84 and serve as a big “Welcome!” to everyone as they depart I-84 east into Waterbury at Exit 21.

“This mural will be a great way for visitors to our city to understand and appreciate Waterbury’s culture and landmarks,” said WPAC member Lynnette Piombo. “It will also be a great place for visitors to take photos.”

Since April 2015, Ving and Beggs have been on an extended road trip, creating these landmarks in cities and towns across America. Waterbury will soon join Seattle, San Diego, Austin and other places as communities to have these unique murals. The work of Ving and Beggs has been featured in Conde Nast Traveler and InStyle magazines. Links are here: and (

The pair will arrive in Waterbury on July 1 and, weather permitting, work on the mural through Wednesday July 6. Media members are welcome to visit the artists during worktime hours. July 3, 5 and 6 are all good dates to visit.

A Community Block Party will be held tonight - Thursday July 7 from 5 to 7:30 p.m. - in the parking lot next to the mural. It is open to the public. That, too, is a good time for the media as many people who worked on the project behind the scenes will be available for comment.