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5/31/2016 - City Water Department warns against illegal hydrant usage

The Waterbury Water Department is reminding residents that it is illegal for anyone other than authorized city personnel to open a city fire hydrant for any reason.

It is not only considered a theft of services, it can also cause discolored water and result in a water main break if a hydrant’s pressure is not handled properly. The Water Department received several complaints over the weekend of discolored water that is believed to be related to the illegal and unauthorized opening of city hydrants.

 This act may represent a theft from every Waterbury taxpayer, and police have been notified.

 If you suspect water is being stolen from a hydrant to fill a truck or for any other purpose, please report this activity to the Water Department.

 Call the customer service number weekdays between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. at 203-574-8251 and press option 2, then option 3 to access our Dispatch Office. After hours or on weekends, call 203-574-8251 and you will be automatically switched to our answering service for your report.