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11/24/2015 - Scam warning: Person poses as Water Dept. worker to get inside home

Scam Warning

The city’s Bureau of Water has received a report of a person posing as a Water Department employee in an effort to gain access to a Waterbury residence.

The person – who does not work for the Water Department – told the homeowner they owed money for their water bill and their water would be shut off if they did not pay immediately.

City employees DO NOT collect water bills in the field and DO NOT conduct cash transactions at a customer’s home or business.

We advise homeowners not to allow anyone into their home who claims to be from the Water Department unless they provide a valid Water Department identification. Our employees carry Water Department IDs and drive vehicles marked with the City of Waterbury Bureau of Water logo and with municipal license plates.

We have notified the Waterbury Police Department.

If you have elderly neighbors, please take a moment and warn them about this.

If you have concerns about the identity of a person claiming to be a utility employee, call our customer service telephone number at 203-574-8251 for verification.