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8/17/2015 - Meeting tonight on proposed gas line improvements

Algonquin Gas Transmission will host the first of several informational meetings tonight on a proposal to replace its existing gas lines with wider-diameter lines in an effort to reduce electrical-generation costs.

The meeting is scheduled for Aug. 17 from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. at Coco Key Hotel and Conference Center, 3580 East Main Street, Waterbury.

The meeting is for residents of Waterbury, Prospect and Cheshire.

Algonquin’s existing pipeline crosses a corner of Waterbury for less than two-tenths of a mile, entering the City at the Prospect border just south of Progress Lane and traveling northeast for .18 miles before exiting at the Cheshire border.

The application is at its early stages and the process takes 24 months. If Algonquin were to receive federal approval to expand its pipelines, work would not begin until 2018.

Tonight’s session will not include a formal presentation nor is it a public hearing. It is a meeting to provide residents and potentially affected landowners with information on the proposal. More informational sessions will be scheduled as the proposal moves forward.