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3/9/2005 - February 2005 Community Court Statistics Released


February 2005 Community Court Statistics Released


WATERBURY, CT, March 7, 2005  --- The State of Connecticut Judicial Branch, Waterbury Community Court, and the Office of the Mayor released today cleanup statistics generated by the Waterbury Community Court for February 2005.


In February, Community Court assisted in the cleanup of 8 neighborhoods throughout Waterbury and worked a total of 830 hours.  Tasks included litter picking, trash removal, brush and weed cutting, cleanup of many City owned lots, as well as volunteering at soup kitchens and community centers.


In February, the following cleanups occurred:

  • 6 hours were spent in Berkeley/Warner/Long, including cleaning Garden Hill Circle
  • 54 hours were spent in Brooklyn, litter picking on Railroad Hill and the cemetery wall at Summit/John/Green/Draher, and cleaning Washington Avenue
  • 118 hours were spent in the Central Business District, including litter picking East Main Street, Brook Street, West Main Street, Willow Street, Meadow Street, Bank Street, South Main Street, Grand Street and the City Lot at 444 West Main Street; cleaning Leavenworth, Center Street, Printer’s Court, the Waterbury Green, and Phoenix Ave./Savings Street; clearing weeds from the Exchange Place Traffic Island; and removing trash from UCONN
  • 8 hours were spent in Crownbrook including litter picking on Tudor Street and cleaning Beverly Street
  • 24 hours were spent in Hillside, including litter picking Mitchell Avenue; clearing trash from Hillside Avenue and clean-up on Cliff Street
  • 24 hours were spent in Overlook, litter picking on McDonald Avenue, Greenwood Avenue, and Calumet Street
  • 24 hours were spent in the South End, litter picking on South Main Street
  • 39 hours were spent in St. Margaret’s/Willow, litter picking on Elmwood Street, the 300 block of Willow Street, and Sperry Street; and clearing trash from West Grove Street
  • 533 hours were spent at St. Vincent DePaul Soup Kitchens


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