The Department of Public Works (DPW) aims to provide quality construction, operations, infrastructure management, maintenance, and program services for the residents of the City of Waterbury.  The consolidated DPW was formed in 2003, merging multiple independent city agencies, which now work together to make Waterbury a clean, livable, vibrant and sustainable city.  The management personnel in place continue to work cohesively to perform in an efficient and professional manner to better serve City residents.

DPW is comprised of the following Bureaus:

Office of the Director: Manages and coordinates the City’s Public Works functions; prepares and manages the Department’s operational and capital budgets; manages the Department’s personnel; coordinates and assures compliance with environmental permits and regulations; establishes policies and procedures for the Department; recommends ordinance changes; prepares written reports and other communications, as directed.

Bureau of Engineering: Manages and coordinates the City’s utility geographic information system; assures compliance with environmental permits and regulations; establishes standards; plans, designs, directs and inspects for all public works construction projects; installs, maintains and repairs traffic lights, signage, and pavement markings; manages and repairs closed-loop traffic signal system;  reviews, approves issues permits and inspects construction of proposed developments; provides document storage and retrieval for the City’s infrastructure and utilities; implements Federal storm water pollution prevention program.

Bureau of Parks and Golf Courses: Maintains and manages city parks, pools and lake facility, and two municipal golf courses; maintains landscaping on public rights of way; maintains small equipment and power tools; removes graffiti from park facilities and public rights-of-way; installs and removes city holiday decorations; provides oversight to golf professional services; manages and coordinates revenue-producing programs.

Bureau of Public Buildings: Performs building and equipment maintenance in (selected) city buildings; determines space allocations of city departments in (selected) city buildings; manages internal work order request for service; provides trades support to select city buildings and agencies.

Bureau of Recreation: Manages and coordinates community recreational programs for various youth and adult groups; operates and manages summer swim program; coordinates and supports special events; promotes individual and community wellness that enhances quality of life.

Bureau of Central Vehicle Maintenance: Provides safe, operational equipment for all city departments, maintains the city’s fleet of equipment ranging from passengers cars to heavy-duty off-road equipment; prepares specifications for new purchases and makes recommendations for the replacement of vehicles and equipment; re-markets vehicles no longer utilized by the city.

Bureau of Refuse: Collects and disposes of municipal and solid waste, recyclables, residential bulky waste and yard waste; operates a waste transfer station and maintains a closed landfill; assists with citywide blight and litter program within city rights-of-way; manages private contract bulky waste haulers.

Bureau of Streets: Removes snow, sand, litter and other debris from city streets, as well as maintains streets, sidewalks and rights of way; maintains storm water system; supplies fuel for all city-owned vehicles; manages and coordinates road re-surfacing program; manages state mandated evictions program.

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Contact Information

Director of Public Works
David Simpson

185 South Main Street

1st and 5th floors

(One Jefferson Square)
Waterbury, CT 06706

Phone: (203) 574-6851
Fax: (203) 574-8277

Hours of Operation: 
Monday - Friday
8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. 
(hours vary by office)