3/6/2009 - New England Baseball Academy sponsors FREE training session in March






                Sundays in March 8, 22 & 29, 2009 - 10:30-12:00pm


                New England Baseball Academy - 235 Meriden Rd., Wtby., CT  06705.  www.NewEnglandBaseball.com


                Athletes, Parents, Coaches


                The EDGE Performance Training will taking participants through the importance of Performance Training for today’s athlete.

                                Speed, Agility, Strength, Power, Injury Prevention, Nutrition

                Anyone who wishes to participate should bring comfortable clothes and sneakers

                Importance of proper warm-up and demonstration of

                Speed/Agility Ladder and Hurdles

                Plyometric Drills

                Functional Training

                How Performance Training applies to baseball

                The importance of a strong healthy foundation

                Importance of cross-training

Cost:   Free


The EDGE Performance Training
specializes in helping individuals, teams and small groups looking to enhance their

performance in fitness and health. Athletes of all ages and abilities will learn proper

technique and execution from our highly skilled and experienced staff.


Athletes are able to perform specific exercises
to improve their
Speed, Power, Agility, Balance,
Stability, and Strength
all while reducing the occurrence of injuries.

Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall -
We are always training 110%

We Offer:

  • Certified Athletic Traininers
  • Unmatched Experience in Athletics
  • Proven Success
  • Knowledge in all Aspects of the Healthy Athlete
  • Commitment to Excellence in Performance and Fitness
  • A Safe and Enjoyable Environment

Our purpose at

is to provide individuals with the tools necessary to achieve “The Edge” they need to succeed.
We offer competent assistance in proper diet and nutrition, strength training, cardiovascular fitness, time management, motivational training and rehabilitation of muscle and joint injuries.
In providing our services, safety and education will be of utmost importance. After completion of our program, one should not only demonstrate improved performance in their desired discipline, but also become a healthier individual.



Keith Deyo

The EDGE Performance Training, LLC


13 Francis J. Clarke Circle, Bethel, CT 06801

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