7/21/2008 - PALS Baton Twirling Camp

Baton Twirling Camp

NBTA State and TU Regional 2008 Champion PAL Cadets Baton Twirling Team is hosting the first of two eight day summer mini-twirling camps July 21-24 and 28-31 at West Side Middle School from 6-8 PM.

PAL registration is $25.00, batons are $15.00 due on July 21st. Anyone registering for this camp is eligible to participate in the camp scheduled the following two weeks, venue to be determined.

Registration entitles members to participate in any and all activities sponsored by the Waterbury Police Activity League.

The PAL Cadets commence regular practice on September 4th at 6 PM at the State St School, and all campers are invited. For further information, contact Carole Trombley at 203-754-7868 evenings.