2/5/2014 - February Events at Timexpo Museum


Timexpo: The Timex Museum
Brass Mill Commons
175 Union Street, Waterbury
(203) 346-5710

“Coincidences or Connections?”
Saturday, Feb. 8 and 22
11 am and 2 pm
Explore the parallels between ancient cultures with a guided one hour tour and discussion, featuring the expeditions of Thor Heyerdahl and the mysteries of Easter Island. Enjoy the opportunity to ask and wonder about the possibilities of ancient travelers.
Museum Admission
Group rates available for 10 or more

Create your very own Valentine’s Day Clock
Choose from different designs to make your very own working clock
Saturday, Feb. 8
Tuesday, Feb. 11 through Saturday, Feb. 15
10 am – 4 pm
$11 per clock (Cash preferred)