4/30/2005 - Earth Day Clean-Up: Postponed Rain Date 4/30


Waterbury Earth Day Cleanup


The Waterbury Litter Control & Beautification Commission and the Honorable Mayor Michael J. Jarjura are looking for individuals to participate in a city wide Earth Day Clean-Up to be held on Saturday, April 23, 2005 (Rain date: Saturday, April 30, 2005). The clean up will start at 9:00am and continue through 1:00pm. Come and lend a hand to help “Keep Waterbury Clean and Neat Out to the Street”. 


This year there will be four central locations where work gloves, trash and leaf bags will be distributed.  These locations are:


North End of the City – Lakewood Park, lower parking lot near basketball courts.

South End of the City – Hughes Riviera Park

East End of the City – Hamilton Park, corner of Idlywood and East Main Street

West End of the City – North parking lot of the Municipal Stadium


Areas to be cleaned will be identified by the Litter Control & Beautification Commission and assigned to individuals and groups if they do not have an area in mind.  Participants are asked to wear old, comfortable clothing.  Any additional questions should be directed to Michael Ptak at 754-9311.  Spend a day with your family, friends and neighbors and show the rest of Connecticut the pride we have in our city.


“BYORS&B” (Bring Your Own Rake, Shovel & Broom)






I hereby pledge to be an Earth Day volunteer and do my part in cleaning up our city on Earth Day, April 23, 2005.

Name: ___________________________________________________

Address: __________________________________________________

Telephone: ________________________


Number of volunteers to attend:                       Adult: _________

                                                                        Children: ______


Mail Completed form by April 9, 2005 to:

Waterbury Litter Control & Beautification Commission

236 Grand Street, Waterbury, CT 06702