5/10/2013 - Street Sweeping Schedule, Week of May 13.

Crew 1 will work in District 1-3, which is the Holy Cross, Tinker, and Mount Carmel area.

Crew 2 will continue working in District 3-2, which is the East Mountain area, and
District 3-3 which encompasses the Hopeville and Gilmartin sections of the city.

Property owners are asked to begin sweeping their sidewalks into the immediate gutter line,
removing any debris, litter and leaves. Sand should not be swept into large piles.
The Public Works Department will post signs in the districts prior to scheduled sweeping.
Every effort should be made to remove parked vehicles from the scheduled routes prior to the arrival
of the sweepers. Vehicles not removed during the sweeping operation may be towed at the owner’s expense.