2/19/2005 - FCA Open House

Family and Children’s Aid (FCA) of Danbury is pleased to announce the addition of its Treatment Foster Care Program to the Waterbury, Danbury, and Torrington areas.  FCA will be hosting an OPEN HOUSE on FEBRUARY 19th from 3-5pm at St. John’s Episcopal Church at 16 Church Street, corner of West Main and Church St. in Waterbury.


Family and Children’s Aid is a non-profit organization that has been in existence for over 100 years, and provides an array of services to children and families.  Its new foster care program will provide quality foster homes for abused and neglected children of Connecticut.  According to the Department of Children and Families (DCF), there are over 6,000 children living in out-of-home placements in Connecticut: 3,500 are in foster homes; 1,300 in residential treatment; and 300 are in shelters or safe homes.  During the fiscal year of 2003, DCF reported 539 substantiated cases of child abuse and neglect in the Waterbury area alone. Unfortunately, the need for qualified homes far outweighs the current availability of foster homes---WE NEED YOUR HELP!


The effects of child abuse and neglect are traumatic enough, but once children are removed from their homes, it is difficult to find them a family setting in which to live.  Children are placed in safe homes, shelters and residential treatment facilities.  FCA operates two homelike settings called “safe homes” to care for children who are awaiting placement, but stays are increasing in length.  Some children live in such a setting for years.  Some of the children with whom FCA works suffer from emotional, developmental, or behavioral problems due to lack of stability as a result of moving multiple times.  Moving from school to school and community to community affects their academic performance and some require special education services. No child should have to grow up without the support of a family! 


Staff members of the Treatment Foster Care program are eager and excited to recruit, train, and support foster families who are willing to provide these children with structure, love, and means to achieve their full potential.  We are seeking families from different backgrounds and cultures, specifically Spanish speaking and African-American families. FCA will not only work with families to train and license them, but will also provide extensive support services through a Family Support Team (FST). FST’s will provide foster children and families the support of a psychiatrist, nurse, clinician, paraprofessional, as well as 24-hour   phone support.


PLEASE COME TO OUR OPEN HOUSE ON FEBRUARY 19th FROM 3-5pm. Find out how you can become a mentor, respite provider, short-term or long term foster parent or adoptive family. By aligning our community resources towards the common goal of supporting children, we strengthen our communities.  By opening your home and heart to a child, your commitment could aid generations to come.  Please call us today and contact foster care recruiter Robyn Cavagna at 203.948.1137.