The City of Waterbury has begun a process to update the Plan of Conservation and Development from 2005. The purpose and function of this plan is to provide land use guidance for all agencies of the City so that they may operate in a coordinated manner under a common set of Policies. According to Connecticut law, Towns must update their plans at least every 10 years.


Ideas, questions, and consistent feedback from the public are vital to producing a Plan that addresses issues that are relevant to the lives of Waterbury’s residents. As the Plan progresses, we’ll provide updates and information on the planning process, as well as announcing upcoming events and opportunities to participate. We hope you’ll join us in crafting a Plan that can guide Waterbury towards a better future for everyone.
What is a Plan of Conservation and Development?
Plans of Conservation and Development (POCD) are guidance documents that set policy priorities for the physical, economic and social future of a community. POCDs contain goals and visions along with recommended action steps to help work towards achieving those goals. The planning process involves assessing current conditions and trends in order to develop reasonable goals and strategies and engaging the community in a dialogue on its future. City agencies, commissions, staff and elected officials use these documents in developing budgets, in evaluating land use applications, and in designing capital facility improvements.
Public Input
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