Welcome to the Waterbury Fire Department!

As Fire Chief, it's certainly my privilege to introduce you to our department and explain the purpose of the Waterbury Fire Department (WFD) and the services we provide.

As with any modern fire department, our core mission is to protect the public from fireOur core mission is accomplished using a team approach with allows all facets of fire safety, prevention and suppression to addressed.

Public Fire Safety Education is necessary to reduce instances of fire and fire related injury/death.  The WFD provides public fire safety education to all school age children in a proactive effort to teach the hazards of fire and reduce burn injuries.  In an effort to share our fire safety message with as many citizens as possible, public safety education is also provided to civic organizations, as well as at public events.

Fire Prevention is a priority of the WFD.  If fire can be prevented, the public and firefighters will be safer.  Fire prevention services are accomplished through the enforcement of building codes and life safety codes.

Fire Supression is a required service for every community.  Firefighting occurs anytime a fire is ignited and grows beyond the capabilities of a citizen to control.  Firefighting services are incredibly challenging and tremendously dangerous, and we stand ready to deliver this service by maintaining a firefighting force that is well-trained and exhibits bravery and professionalim each and every day.

The history of the fire service has evolved tremendously since the first fire department was formally organized in this country.  The tradition of protecting and maintaining the city's tax base remains our responsibility.  However, the modern fire service has reinvtented itself to include other services that enhance public safety and quality of life.

The WFD also provides these services:

  • Hazardous Material Emergency Incident Response
  • Technical Rescue Emergency Incident Response
  • Emergency Medical Responder

We are a committed, modern fire department that prides itself on a well-trained workforce that stands ready to immediately respond, assist and aid the public in any way possible.  Our services not only contribute to the safety of the public but also contribute to the stability of our city.

As you browse our web-site, I encourage you to learn all you can about the WFD.  Each web-page contains information that details how each bureau works together as a team focused on delivering the highest level of firefighting and public safety services to the City of Waterbury.

If you have any questions or remarks, I'd like to hear from you.  Thank you for visiting the Waterbury Fire Department!

Terrence Ballou
Fire Chief


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