The Bureau of Parks and Golf Courses

maintains much of the open space lane in Waterbury, as well as all trees on city streets and city parks.  Almost 1,000 acres are under the jurisdiction of the Board of Park Commissioners.  The care and culture of the trees is conducted on a yearly basis, with emergency tree work being done at any time of the day or night as required.  Pruning and thinning, fertilizing, cavity repair, brush control, removal of dead and undesirable trees, and spraying of trees with fungicides and insecticides for disease and insect control are all part of the program.

New permitting forms for Facility, Equipment and Use of Parks can now be found online.  The permitting process for athletic fields remains the same.  Please select the proper form for your event and follow the instructions within the application.


Park Usage Application, Special Events Under 200 People

Park Usage Application, Special Events Over 200 People

Fulton Park Warming Hut Agreement

Parks Rules and Regulations

Sports Regulation & Fees


Mayor O'leary with PAL

Over the summer of 2012, Mayor O'Leary developed a summer youth corps that worked with Park Department staff to systematically address routine maintenance issues throughout the city's park system.  The PAL Park Corps was made up of participants in PAL's Summer Youth Employment Program and was realized through a partnership with the Northwest Regional Investment Board.  The group spent the summer assisting Park Dept. staff with the maintenance and clean-up of several parks.  This initiative was part of Mayor O'Leary's broader campaign to improve the condition of city parks. 

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Supervisor of Parks and Golf Courses

John Kollar

526 Huntingdon Avenue
Waterbury, CT 06708

Phone: (203) 574-6793 
Fax: (203) 574-6796

Hours of Operation:
Monday - Friday
7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.