Please view the table below to find the contact information / phone number for the department you wish to contact.  If you wish to e-mail any City employee, include: first initial, last name,


Assessor David Dietsch 203-574-6821
Audit Joseph Garvis 203-346-2649 
Blight Task Force Sargent Diaz 203-574-6962
Budget Control
Building Inspections E. Gil Graveline 203-574-6832
Central Vehicle Maintenance Pat Mulvehill 203-574-6859
Citizens Service Center Mickey Albini 203-597-3444
City Clerk/Acting Deputy Angela Battle


City Historian   203-574-8222
City Plan Robert Nerney 203-574-6818
Civil Preparedness Adam Rinko 203-597-3450
Corporation Counsel Linda Wihbey 203-574-6731
Education Dr. Verna D. Ruffin 203-574-8000
Engineering Garo Garabedian 203-574-6851
Finance Michael LeBlanc 203-574-6840
Fire Department Terrence Ballou 203-597-3450
Grants Administration
Health Department/ Acting Director Cindy Vitone 203-573-6679
Human Resources Scott Morgan 203-574-6761
Information Technology Dan Iarrapino 203-574-6775
Leisure & Recreation Supervisor Victor Cuevas 203-574-6793
Mailroom / Print Shop   203-574-6838
Maintenance   203-574-6766
Municipal Agent for the Elderly Danessa Marshall 203-574-6746
Parking Authority Paul Ciochetti 203-574-6721
Parks Dept. John Kollar 203-574-6793
Payroll 203-574-6846
Pension and Benefits Karen Lang 203-574-6844
Police Department Fernando C. Spagnolo 203-574-6911
Public Works David Simpson 203-574-6851
Purchasing Kevin McCaffery 203-574-6747
Registrar of Voters Teresa Begnal (D)
Timothy DeCarlo (R)
Refuse Roy Thompson 203-574-6857
Risk Management Don Lorusso 203-346-2643
Silas Bronson Library Raechel Guest 203-574-8221
Streets Dept. Brian O'Donnell 203-574-8260
Tax Collection Frank Caruso 203-574-6810
Town Clerk Chick Spinelli 203-574-6806
Vital Statistics   203-574-6800
Water Department Robert Langenauer 203-574-8251
Water Pollution Control JACOBS 203-574-8265